Other Services

Personal Assistance

  • Standby Assistance with Morning and Evening Routines
  • Transfer Assistance
  • Bathing & Showering Assistance
  • Personal Hygiene Assistance
  • Help with Restroom Use
  • Assist with Dressing
  • Incontinence

Our caregiver will provide your aged parents with their activities of daily living. For example, we will support and assist your parents with their bathing, eating and meal planning. We support independent, self-esteem, social and mental needs of our clients. Our health care givers provide sensitive, confidential, personal care services in ways that your parent or loved one’s dignity and well-being are respected. We will work with you to develop a custom home care plan that meets the needs of your loved ones. Our goal is to foster peace and comfort.

Errands & Transportation

  • Incidental Transportation
  • Schedule Planning & Assistance
  • Director’s Appointment
  • Shopping
  • Errand Services

Your parent’s car will probably have dents and dings which might leave you wondering should your parents even be driving? Damage on your parent’s car, might be because of poor vision and hearing impairment. other warning signs may include traffic violations, parking tickets, accidents, getting lost, losing keys or running out of gas. With Divine Home Care, some of these shortcomings will be minimized. Divine Home Care will support your parents with their Medical appointments, social gatherings, weddings and community integrations.

Meals Preparation and Serving

  • Assistance with Meal Planning
  • Mealtime Feeding Assistance
  • Assist with and Motivate Meal Preparation
  • Complete Meal Preparation

Offering a little help can go a long way in our lives. Notwithstanding of our strengths and ability to do things for ourselves, sometimes there is need to take a break and have someone provide us with an exceptional services that would help us relax and enjoy life. If your parents live alone, mealtime may be lonely time. If they have a reduce sense of smell or taste, food may not be as appetizing as they should. Medication could, no thought contribute in the area of appetite. For older parents with physical or mental impairment, they may have a hard time grocery-shopping and preparing meals that have good nutrition, but some seniors when they eat well, they do not always get/absorb all their nutrients. As age changes so does the nutrition we need, that's is where divine home care homecare meals come in.

Light Housekeeping

  • Assistance with Light Gardening
  • Organize & Stay Connected
  • Kitchen Cleaning & Organization
  • Bathroom Cleaning & Organization
  • Laundry & Ironing
  • Changing Linens

When disabled loved one live in a clean organized home, they will have a greater sense of wellbeing or good health. To avoid our parents getting sick overtime, there is need to disinfect countertops, surface areas, tables, desks. Housekeeping for some people this is time consuming, let alone when our physically challenged love ones are left to do them. To avoid more fatigue, various joints pains, Divine Home Care housekeeping service can be your aged parent’s lifesavers. We will provide you with excellent services that will support your parent’s senses of worth.